Coding Labs
Gamma and Linear Spaces
Article - 2014-06-11

This artcile presents the concept of gamma correction and the reasons behind it from a graphics programmer point of view. In this article I have avoided using the term gamma space or the single word gamma without context as it's often source of confusion, so hopefully it's easier to follow.

Floating Point - Theory and Practice
Article - 2013-12-06

Since I have been playing around with the floating point format these days I thought it was a good idea to write everything down for future reference. Floating point numbers are fascinating and provide a very interesting way of representing real numbers. The article provides both theory and practice (with source) for encoding and decoding your own software floating point !

Physically Based Rendering
Article - 2013-05-27

This article is a simple overview of what Physically Based Rendering is. The topic is incredibly broad so I've written an article to capture the core ideas of rendering and shading with physical laws. The plan is to extend this article and possibly write a second part that cover some more complicated BRDF like Cook-Torrance.

Deferred Rendering Shadow Mapping
Tutorial - 2013-01-26

Since many of you asked for it I've created a Deferred Rendered Shadow Map tutorial in OpenGL. I've reused most of the code of the previous tutorial so that is simple to read and familiar if you went through the Deferred Rendering tutorial. If you didn't I would strongly recommend you to read it before trying the Shadow Map tutorial.

World, View and Projection Transformation Matrices
Article - 2013-01-10

An article about 3D transformations as been published. The article covers the classic chain of transformation that allows a 3D engine to render an object and explore the meaning behind every matrix. It also explains how and why we transform all the vertices of a model from the original Model Space through the various World Space, View Space and Projection Space.